Cowes  Race  School
'Ma'am there is no second'

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Cowes   Race  School offers first class coaching for everyone from the enthusiastic amateur to the seasoned racer, all looking to get that winning edge. 

Our philosophy is that the best race coaching is done on the job during a race, under pressure with the opposition there as a permanent benchmark to sail against. . There will always be two often more highly experienced coaches on-board at every event. Prior to and after the race itself we will have plenty of opportunity for skills and drills and full briefs and debriefs. 

Cowes Race School offers existing teams the chance to step onto a  high performance race yacht. Step away from your familiar territory and learn a few new techniques. We have done this with many teams before with consistently good results. 

Cowes Race School also offers coaching on your own boat. We often see the if I buy a new boat and new sails, surely that will make me win philosophy. However coaching is often overlooked. To get that extra edge an essential part of a winning team/yacht program is coaching. We have joined many other teams and helped them raise their game. Contact us to discuss what we can offer you. 
Prior results.
1st Round the Island Race Class 0
2nd Taitlinger Regatta
1st Piper Heisieck Trophy
4th Performance 40 Nationals
4th Vice Admirals Cup

2nd Cowes Week
1st Ed Whelan Celebration Trophy
1st Legal Cup Overall
1st Royal Thames Trophy
2nd Malleson Bowl
2nd Little Britain Challenge Cup
2nd Polypipe Regatta
1st J Samuel White Trophy
4th Swan Europeans
1st Inter-Brewery Regatta
1st John Franks Trophy

2nd Cowes Week
1st Piper Heisieck Trophy
1st J Samuel White Trophy
1st Ed Whelan Celebration Cup 
1st Royal Thames Trophy
1st John Franks Trophy
1st Spring Championships
1st Malleson Bowl
1st 5020 Regatta
1st Automotive Challenge Cup
1st Legal Cup
2nd InterBrewery Regatta
3rd FHA Regatta
1st Clarkson Cup
1st IRC Solent Championships Series


1st Chiller Regatta
1st Clarkenwell Cup
2nd Clarkson Cup
3rd IBM Regatta
1st FHA Regatta
5th Round the Island Race
2nd Swan Europeans
2nd Myth of Malham
1st Dartmouth Royal Regatta
2nd Polypipe Regatta
1st Little Britain Challenge Cup
1st Think Big Regatta
3rd Barts Bash
1st Silicon Cup
1st Nab Tower
1st IRC Solent Championships Series
1st RORC School Boat of the Year


2nd Chiller Regatta
2nd RORC Easter Challenge
1st Warsash Spring Series
1st Clarkson Cup
1st Round The Island Class 0
1st Reeds Regatta
1st ISC Solent Race
3rd Vice Admirals Cup 
2nd Transversal Cup
1st Portsmouth Regatta
2nd Cowes Week
4th Dartmouth Royal Regatta
1st Little Britain Challenge Cup
1st ISC Bang and Go Back 
1st Island Sailing Club Evening Series (IRC)
1st Island Sailing Club Evening Series (ISCH)
2nd Barts Bash
1st RAFYC Battle of Britain Regatta
1st Nab Tower Race
1st Tiny Mitchel Trophy
3rd ISC Inshore Series
1st Solent IRC Series Class 1
1st Solent IRC Championships Series Overall. 

1st Chiller Regatta(and 2010/11/12)
4th RORC Easter Challenge 
2nd InterBrewery Regatta
2nd Christchurch Bay Race
1st Clarkenwell Cup
1st Co-Operate Ireland
1st Energy Regatta
4th IBM
2nd Swan Europeans
4th Cowes Week 
2nd IRC South West Champions
3rd Dartmouth Royal Regatta
2nd Polypipe Regatta
1st Little Britain Challenge Cup
5th Silicon Cup
2nd Think Big Regatta
3rd IRC Solent 
Championships Series 
1st Avea Regatta
3rd Hamble Big Boat Series.
1st Garmin Hamble Winter Series


1st  RORC IRC 2 overall
2nd RORC Round Ireland
1st  Clarkenwell Cup
1st  Westward Cup
2nd Cowes to Weymouth Double (two-handed)
3rd Weymouth to Cowes Double (two-handed)
2nd RORC Cervantes Trophy IRC2
4th RORC Morgan Cup IRC 2
1st  InterBrewery Regatta
1st  Sunsail Chiller
2nd Collingwood Cup
1st  IBM Regatta
2nd Cranfield Regatta
2nd Spire Health Care Regatta
1st 50/20 Regatta
1st Morris Whilmot Trophy
3rd Dartmouth IRC1b
1st Little Britain Challenge Cup Overall
2nd Renewables Regatta
2nd Silicon Cup
3rd Think Big Regatta 
3rd Gill Sunsail Series Championships. 
A selection from prior years.

1st Dartmouth Royal Regatta
1st Cowes Week
1st RORC Easter Challenge
1st British Student Yachting Nationals.
1st RORC Myth of Malhan IRC1
1st RORC De Gunigand Bowl IRC1
2nd RORC Le Harve (two handed)
1st RORC Cherborg
1st Nab Tower
1st Polypipe Regatta
1st 2-handed Round the Island Race
1st IRC 2 Round the Island Race
1st IRC 1 Round the Island Race
1st IRC 0 Round the Island Race
2nd Round the Island Race Overall
3rd Melges 24 South Australia State Titles
1st Vice Admirals Cup
1st Two Handed Inshore Series.
1st Burnham Week
2nd Rolex Transatlantic Race
1st  Round Britian and Ireland Challenge
2nd Rolex Giraglia
2nd Rolex Transatlantic (New York to Cowes)
1st Corby Cup

3rd Farr 40 European Championships.
1st UK IRC National Championships. 
1st Zena Trophy
1st Milla Vella Trophy.
1st Pirelli Cup
1st Swan Europeans
1st Swan Worlds
3rd Maxi Worlds
2nd Swan 45 Gold Cup (Worlds)
1st Sydney Rating Series
2nd Cowes Classic Regattas.
1st IBM Regatta
1st Silicon Cup
2nd Fairplay Cup. 
1st Passage Race Audi Victoria Week
4th Sydney Hobart
1st Canon Big Boat Day (Sydney Harbour)
1st Outward Bound Trophy
1st Spring Double (two handed)
1st IBM Regatta
1st NHS Regatta
1st 5020 Regatta
1st Island Sailing Club Evening Series